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Minnesota Orchestra Microcommission

In 2011, I was commissioned by the Minnesota Orchestra to write a major new work for their Inside the Classics series. That series, which is run by violist Sam Bergman and conductor Sarah Hicks (whose joint idea it was to commission me, and to whom I owe a tremendous thanks), focuses on one work over the course of an evening, presenting a context for that work in the first half of the evening and the piece itself in the second half. To fund the commission, Sam and Sarah turned to their devoted audience and asked them for “micro”-donations toward a “microcommission”, offering my piece and a year-long residency with Inside the Classics as bait. (Read Sam describing the microcommission here.)

The resulting piece, Acadia, was premiered in March, 2011, and subsequently made available for download, a rare and wonderful thing in the world of orchestral performances. You can follow the course of my residency with the orchestra in its virtual form on the Inside the Classics blog (tag: “microcommission”), including my note on the piece, a video interview at the beginning of the process, and a written interview from the end, plus much more.