Curating / Other Projects


New Amsterdam Presents / New Amsterdam Records


I’m one of the founders (along with composers William Brittelle and Sarah Kirkland Snider) of New Amsterdam Presents, a non-profit presenting organization, and New Amsterdam Records, a subsidiary. Our mission:

New Amsterdam Presents is an artists’ service organization that supports the public’s engagement with new music by composers and performers whose work grows from the fertile ground between genres. New Amsterdam places this music in the public eye through the presentation of festivals, series, tours, and other live events that bring together artists who embody this spirit of openness, grounded in musical traditions of depth and substance, forging new ties between formerly disparate musical languages and approaches to music-making. New Amsterdam Presents also continues to hold New Amsterdam Records as a fully-taxable subsidiary organization, offering new recordings of new classical and jazz works by artists whose individual voices bring together different musical influences from across the spectrum.

Ecstatic Music Festival


Since its inception in 2011, I’ve been the curator and artistic director of the Ecstatic Music Festival, an annual gathering of adventurous collaborations between innovative artists from different musical worlds. The festival’s musicians — soloists, bands, chamber ensembles, orchestras, and everything in between — hail from diverse musical backgrounds, representing a contemporary culture in which the incorporation of many different influences is the norm, not the exception. In this rich and vibrant post-genre landscape, the Ecstatic Music Festival stands out for its emphasis on collaboration. The festival offers the opportunity for today’s most compelling musicians to work together in exciting new combinations, allowing them to branch out in unexpected directions and explore new territory. From these often surprising collaborations, each exploring the fertile terrain between classical and popular music, a door is opened into a musical future in which artists are free to defy expectations and follow the creative roads that offer the greatest possibility of finding something new.

The Ecstatic Music Festival is presented by Kaufman Music Center in association with New Amsterdam Presents.

Antenna Cloud Farm

Antenna Cloud Farm is a 100 acre hilltop farm in Gill, MA that brings together culture and agriculture through concerts, residencies, and active use of the land.

Founded by me and my wife, violinist/composer Michi Wiancko, Antenna Cloud aims to present world-class public concerts and artistic events to the local community as well as the greater New England region, to provide visiting musicians and artists with a beautiful and inspiring environment in which to focus on their art and to develop projects, and to connect artists with the community we live in through educational and outreach events.