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Untitled (finding something special)

Untitled (finding something special), 2004 (4′)

for two violins and cello

Untitled (finding something special) is the musical component of a collaborative effort with filmmaker Pam Larson. This collaboration took place at the Tanglewood Music Center in Summer, 2004, as part of the Composition program. Larson’s work deals almost exclusively with the natural world, exhibiting a strongly subjective perspective; her camera weaves through underbrush, follows animals in motion, and examines objects closely. Her untitled film that accompanies this music is a slow vertical pan from the sky down to the ground below, moving through different layers of the natural world: sky, the tops of trees, the forest, different levels of grass, the earth. The camera is slightly out of focus, emphasizing the colors of each layer over the specific qualities of the objects within each layer. The camera ultimately finds “something special” at the end of its vertical journey and lingers there for a short while. My music attempts to match the dreamlike beauty of Larson’s film, as well as the feeling of falling slowly. This piece is dedicated to Weston Aditya Harkey, my wonderfully unexpected new friend.