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Sing Along

Sing Along, 2006 (6′)

for NOW Ensemble (flute, clarinet, electric guitar, double bass, and piano)

Sing Along was inspired by my great experiences working with NOW Ensemble for the past few years, five of my good friends who combine to make a unique and amazing sound together. I guess I was a little jealous, in a good way (I hope), so I decided to write a piece where I got to play with them. Patrick Burke and I had always thought that we’d get in on the NOW performance scene at some point – this has been a long time coming. For Sing Along, I join Michael at the piano, playing the lower half of the instrument while he takes the upper register. It’s written in a kind of verse/chorus form, and when I enter for the first “chorus”, it’s to provide a steady harmonic and rhythmic grounding, bringing out what the rest of the ensemble is playing. This is an uplifting piece, to my ears, in the spirit of Folk Music, with everyone doing their part (including me) to make a work that allows individual voices to combine, becoming more than the sum of their parts. That’s the spirit of chamber music, and the spirit of NOW Ensemble. It’s a pleasure to play with my friends in the group, and it won’t be the last time.