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Press for Acadia Premiere

“Greenstein is a composer who deserves our attention, a confident young artist whose work displays no shyness about his influences, yet combines them in a totally distinctive way. Considering that it’s his first major orchestral composition, Greenstein has a remarkable command of the disparate voices within the ensemble, celebrating their individuality rather than bending them to the will of his vision…. if he keeps creating things as good as Acadia, we can only hope that commissions micro and macro keep pouring in.” – Rob Hubbard, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Acadia…is an engaging work that is a significant addition to the orchestral repertoire… At times, the work sounded like a lush, epic film score, sometimes complicated by strong dissonances. But sections composed using modal scales created the feeling of innocent folk music… [Greenstein] always seemed completely in control of the effects he was creating. The world premiere performance will be available later this week as a free download… It is well worth hearing, especially given the orchestra’s fiery, committed performance.” – William Randall Beard, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Judd Greenstein has a compositional voice that is his own, and those familiar with his compositions for smaller groups such NOW Ensemble will hear it plainly in Acadia. It scales up exceedingly well from chamber size to full orchestra…Acadia is always serious but never ponderous. Its forward momentum is constant but never frenetic. Its rhythmic and tonal palette is shifty and mercurial but never flippant or confused. It asks for, and never fails to reward, the listener’s attention. Beyond the excellent recording that Minnesota Orchestra is generously sharing with the world, Acadia deserves to be taken up and widely played by other orchestras, and to become a permanent addition to whatever equivalent we have to a contemporary canon. It is, in the true and original sense, sublime.” – George Wallace, A Fool In the Forest

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