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Elastic Iridescence

Elastic Iridescence, 2006 (13′)

for electric guitar quartet

“True humility is a kind of carelessness that stays none too sure the mind is worth educating beyond the next idea, the body worth providing for beyond the next meal, and the soul worth saving beyond the momentary magnanimity. There is no humility at all in this religious anxiety for salvation here or hereafter. And what’s the use of all this talk about it? We must come in with enough greed for punishment to give an opponent a solid satisfaction in the geniusness of the game. We may be irresistible or immovable as the case requires. We may be ambitious (but not too ambitious) to get something achieved clear away outside of us in the objective world, such as an elastic iridescence that floats a moment before bursting us into spray.”

— Robert Frost