Corrupted / Solo Instrument Works / Concert Music


Corrupted, 2006 (7′)

for solo voice and cello

When I was commissioned to write a solo piece for the multi-talented cellist and singer (and composer) Jody Redhage, the obvious image that came to mind was Jody, alone, singing and playing in her trademark, impassioned style. Jody brings an intensity to her performance that I knew needed to be showcased and highlighted by the new work I would write for her. Jody’s passion is an optimistic and positive one, and Corrupted winds up as a search for that positive light in the core of an otherwise dark message. It seems to me that people are easily corrupted, but that we don’t need to be, and that there is a part of us that can never be. This song is somehow about that idea, which Jody brings out, quite incredibly, and I thank her for it.