Chamber Music magazine feature by Kyle Gann / Press

Chamber Music magazine feature by Kyle Gann

Kyle Gann wrote a very substantive and personally meaningful description of my music for Chamber Music magazine. It’s not linked online, but they gave me a scanned PDF, which you can find here. An excerpt:

“…a generation was bound to come along for which the reduced status of modern classical music was no tragedy, simply a fact of life; pop music no corporate hegemon, but a fellow traveler; aesthetics no life-or-death agon, but a shopping mall of viable brands. That generation has arrived. And Greenstein is emerging as one of its chief spokespersons…his access to lots of fine young, new-music-minded virtuosos has brought him a ton of performances. He deserves them. His music is bright, clever, inventive, playful. Blessedly absent is the academic conceit that We Live in Troubled, Anxious Times and need to reflect that in every piece to show how Serious we are.” –Chamber Music, January/February 2010