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Ballet Sun Valley

This Thursday, I’ll be premiering a new 25-minute work for chamber orchestra, Sic Transit, as part of the new Ballet Sun Valley festival in Sun Valley, Idaho. The piece is about yesterday’s solar eclipse, which crossed over Sun Valley in its path of Totality and was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed.

The piece was commissioned to be joined with choreography by Gemma Bond, a fabulous young choreographer whose new work, eight.twentyone.seventeen will also be premiered this week (at the same time, if that wasn’t clear). The festival is curated by ballet superstar and Sun Valley native Isabella Boylston, who will dance the lead in Gemma’s new work, and who has assembled a not-to-be-believed array of dancers here for the week. Seriously, check out this list. It’s like The Last Waltz, but for ballet, and without the cocaine (I think).

Getting to watch these world-class dancers rehearse to my music has been a rare privilege, and I’m so grateful to Isabella and Gemma for commissioning me to write this new score. We are hoping to bring the ballet back to New York at some point in the future — fingers crossed! Until then, if you know anyone in southern Idaho, encourage them to come see this once-in-a-lifetime array of dancers, it’s not to be believed.