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A Moment of Clarity

A Moment of Clarity (2007) (6′)

for flute and piano

A Moment of Clarity is the first movement of a planned three-movement work for Alex Sopp (commissioners take note!). I think of the piece as a reflection of Alex’s unique character and musical personality — bright and colorful, but also deeply passionate and intense. Alex is a person who tells it like it is — she is not going to lie to you! — and her playing is a reflection of this admirable quality. She seeks out the deep core of the music she performs, approaching it with a remarkable focus that is immensely gratifying for a composer. Clarity is a cardinal virtue for me, in life and in music, and Alex is a champion in this regard. Thus, the title. I feel very fortunate to have her as a friend, and as a colleague who brings the highest level of both talent and commitment to every piece of mine she plays. A Moment of Clarity is dedicated to Alex, with many thanks to Michael for his invaluable participation in making the music come to life.